Empowering Our Players

In our commitment to empowering our players, Christos Mplantos, a key member of our coaching team, has taken charge of their strength and conditioning. The athletes undergo training at his state-of-the-art facility, “En Dynamei,” located in the town of Grevena. Together, we strive to cultivate strength, resilience, and success on and off the field.

Specialized Training:

Coaches and players have specialized training on the needs and performance of women’s sports teams.

Equal opportunities:

Equal funding, promotion and publicity opportunities are ensured.

Team Spirit:

Teamwork, mutual respect and the encouragement of mutual reinforcement are important elements in creating a positive team environment.


Medical care:

The players have access to medical care that takes into account the special needs of female physiology. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Liantsis Athanassios and Specialist Pathologist Mr. Magiannis Konstantinos offer their services and stand by the team throughout its course.

Youth Development:

Youth development programs are available to promote the sport from a young age.

Promoting Multiculturalism:

The team promotes multiculturalism and reflects the diversity of the players.

Infrastructure and Equipment:

Adequate training facilities and equipment are available to improve the skills of the players.


Emphasis on the safety of the players, taking into account the special needs of the female body.


Education and awareness about issues such as gender equality and respect for the opponent are at the heart of the team.