Our team SEIRENES GREVENON – WOMEN’S SOCCER has represented the pinnacle of athletic progress and dedication to the game since its inception. Our path in the field of women’s football has written a series of important moments and successes.

Establishment and First Steps

The team was founded in 2017 with the aim of giving women the opportunity to develop their talent in football. The first years were full of challenges but the dedication and effort of the players and the coaching staff paid off.

Achievements and Championships

During 2022-23 Season in 2nd National League of Greek Championship, team finished unbeaten in first place of the 1st Group of the 2nd National League, with 44 points against 36 points from the second place by Doxa Dramas and won their place in the 1st National League and made its name known throughout the country. Scoring 32 goals in 16 games while conceding only 4. At home, in Grevena, never missed points. These successes strengthened our reputation as one of the top women’s football teams in our region and one of the three in northen Greece.

Future and Development

We are fighting with love for the sports fan world, the passion for distinction of the team, the strength that the athletes bring to the courts the coaching team and the administration. In the future, we aim for the continued development of women’s football, the training of young athletes and the promotion of the sport. Our dedication to the game and our belief in the value of teamwork will continue to guide us.

We are grateful to all the friends, supporters and members who have supported us throughout our journey and look forward to creating even more memorable moments in the world of women’s football.