The Bureau of the Women’s Football Team of A.C. SEIRINES GREVENON


Anastasios Tsirikas


Anastasios Tsirikas is one of the founding members of the team SIRENES GREVENON. His origin is from Kosmati, Grevena and he works at the Independent Public Revenue Authority of Grevena, as an employee of the Ministry of Finance. From 2014 until today he is an elected Municipal Councilor in the Municipality of Grevena. He was the Vice-President of the Finance Committee of the Municipality in the period 2014-2019. His social activity in the local community is intense as he is a member of local Associations and Committees. He is a graduate of ICBS Thessaloniki Business School while in the first years of his career he worked in private sector companies. During his military service he attained the rank of Reserve Officer. His interest to women’s football, the development and extroversion of the team SEIRINES GREVENON contributed significantly to its successful course.

Isaac Isaakidis

Vice president

His origin is from Megalo Sirini and Felli Grevena. Policeman by Profession, with years of Trade Union Action at the local and Panhellenic level.
From 2014 until today he is an elected Municipal Councilor and Vice President of the Municipal Council in the Municipality of Grevena.
He has intense cultural and sporting activity.
He was the president of the women’s football team A.O. Seirena from 2017 until 2022.
Founding member and Vice-President of the team SEIRINES GREVENON as well as Secretary General of the Gymnastics Union of Grevena (athletics).
Married, with three children who are involved in sports, Athletics and Football.

Kanuta Andromache

General secretary

Andromachi Kanouta was born and raised in Munich, Germany. In 1994 came to Greece for studies in Greek University and since 2002 she lives permanently in Grevena. She is a German language teacher, married, with two children aged 16 and 15, who are involved in football. She speaks German and English. She is the President of the company Kanouta A. – Pappas D. O.E.

Telios Dimitris


Founding member of the team SEIRENES GREVENON and member of the Bureau. Dimitris Telios has been a business owner for a decade and operates in Grevena and Ioannina, while in the past he has been employed in the private sector, mainly in sales. He has a degree in Industrial Informatics Engineering and speaks English.

George Balntoumis

General Chief

His origin is from Megalo Seirini Grevenon. Policeman by profession, he has been with the team since its inception offering his services with unparalleled dedication at all levels.

Yatsios Panagiotis

Special Secretary

Ispoglidis Pantelis


Pantelis Ispoglidis was born and raised in Pontini Grevena and is married to Ioanna Fatjiola Lekai. He works at GEOELLAS company. He has two children, Sofia and Lefteris. Sofia is a football player in SEIRINES GREVENON.